15 Powerful Tools To Growth Hack A Blog: Grow Your Blog Faster

15 Powerful Tools To Growth Hack A Blog: Grow Your Blog Faster

Tools to growth hack a blog are like Star Wars weapons.

Any blog or business needs the right tools to achieve that growth faster. But the growth depends on many other factors and one of these factors is which tools you use. This leads to another question and which is how to use those tools? You need to be very strategic when it comes to finding and choosing the tools to growth hack a blog.

But, it is for sure that you need growth hacking tools if you are looking for sustainable blog growth and to grow your blog faster.

Using my knowledge and experience, I’m putting together a list of some powerful tools for you that you can leverage to growth hack your blog or business.

These tools are really cool with some amazing features and if these tools are used in a right way at the right time then it is going to help you grow your blog faster and ultimately business.

Are you with me?

Great, let’s get started…

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15 Powerful Tools To Growth Hack A Blog: Grow Your Blog Faster


Don’t have time to read the full post right now? No problemo 🙂 let me send you a copy, so you can read at your convenient time and place. The good thing is it is completely free and all yours. Just help me click the image below to send you a copy. It takes less than 10 seconds.

1. CoSchedule Headline Analyser

Headline analyser is on the list of the tools to growth hack a blog because everything starts with the killer blog post headlines. If your blog post headlines are super cool, then click through rates (CTR) would be higher leading to more site traffic. Thus, improving your blog post headlines is your priority.

This tool analyses your blog post headlines and gives your headline score based on word balance, headline length and the power of words used in the headline. If the results are in GREEN then you have punched at the right spot.

coschedule blog post headline analyser

One more benefit of this tool is it shows you the Google Search result preview of your blog post, therefore helping you to understand and see how will it look in the search engine result.

Price: Free to use. Click here to get Coschedule headline analyser tool.

2. Click To Tweet

This tool is on the list because sharing your tweet helps you get more traffic but the best thing is that it helps your readers or site visitors to share your tweet if they want to with just ONE CLICK.

Another way of doing this is to simply ask your reader to share your post on Twitter and some may even do so. However, this would require drafting the tweet and only then to share it and not many people are prepared to do this. Smart bloggers, entrepreneurs, marketers know how to convert that dark point into an opportunity.

Using this tool you can pre-write the tweet and just ask the reader to click to tweet. For example, if you are enjoying the post then I’d love if you share this post as a tweet, just click to tweet.

You can download the plugin from CoSchedule website. Again, it is a free plugin and no catch.

Price: Free to use. Click here to get Click to tweet tool.

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3. Upviral

This tool is developed with a very creative thinking. It helps you build the viral referral loop that brings you the referral traffic, free traffic indeed. This is one of the best tools to growth hack a blog or business.

So how does it work? This tool works on one simple equation: Invite X number of friends and get your XYZ. For example, Dropbox used this growth hack and are still using it “Invite your friends to get extra space.”

You can create some sort of freebie to giveaway but give only half and tell your audience that if they want the other half or bonus material then they could have it by inviting 3 friends. You can use Upviral tool to set up that referral chain for your blog or business and let the free traffic and email list flow. Cheers!

upviral referral loop

Price: $47 per month. Click here to get Upviral tool

4. PushCrew

This tool is not much abused by entrepreneurs and businesses yet. It is a notification tool, your visitors can subscribe to your notification just like emails. So why is this tool on the list? It is because once your visitors subscribe to your notification, you can then send a notification to your subscribers every time you publish your new blog post.

It means you are bringing back the free traffic and even that in the form of “Return Visitors.”

push crew notification

There are many companies offering this kind of tool in the market but I found user experience of PushCrew much better than others offering the same kind of the tool in the market. This is a cool way to grow your blog traffic faster and that is why this tool is on my list of tools to growth hack a blog.

Price: Free up to 500 subscribers. Click here to get PushCrew.

5. Sumome

Sumome is one of the most popular tools and under the Sumome umbrella there are many tools that you can leverage to growth hack your blog. Some of the Sumome tools I recommend are Sharer, Image sharer and List builder.

Sharer is a sharing button stick to your site both desktop and mobile. This tool makes super easy for your audience or site visitors to share your site or blog post. More shares bring more viral traffic ultimately leading to blog growth.

Image sharer is an image sharing tool. This tool makes very easy for your audience or site visitors to share the image in just a matter of seconds. This tool works for any blog but performs well for niches who rely heavily on images such as fashion blogs, food blogs, fitness blogs, travel blogs, DIY blogs and so on.

sumome sharing tools

List builder is an email collection tool helping you build and grow your email list. Growing email list and monetizing it is a big time strategy.

Price: Free to use. Click her to get Sumome tool.

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6. MozBar

Mozbar is SEO tool that helps you analyse your competitors site or any site based on the keyword you want to target. The other good thing about this tool is that you can do all of these as you browse the web.

Why is this tool on the list of the tools to growth hack a blog?

It is because SEO may or may not be your current strategy but, at least you want to know who is ranking for the keyword you are planning to target and prepare your future blog posts. You want to know what is their page and domain authority? How many social media shares? etc. Also, you may be interested in knowing whether the keyword you are planning to target is possible to rank or not by checking the Keyword difficulty.

How does this tool help you growth hack a blog?

It does, because by knowing who is ranking for the keyword you are planning to write the blog post for and checking the keyword difficulty you’ll know and can make a decision whether writing a blog post targeting that particular keyword is worth or not.

mozbar search result

Ultimately, targeting the right keyword and making a strategic decision might help you increase your future organic search rankings.

Price: Basic version is free to use. Click here to Mozbar.

7. Wisestamp

Wisestamp is an email signature tool. You may be wondering why the hell this tool is on the list and what does it have to do with tools to growth hack a blog. If you use any tool in a right and a strategic way, it has some positive outcome.

This tool can help you drive traffic and email sign ups. Of course, it depends on many factors such as how many emails you send per day? To whom do you send email? Is your email signature optimized? Regardless of all these factors, growth is all about MATH and not magic.

Let’s say if you send 6 emails per day equivalent of 180 emails per month. If you receive just and just 2% conversion which is 3.6 or turning into a round figure – 3, means you just collected 3 email subscribers per month and 36 email subscribers per year without doing anything.

This tool has some cool features to offer such as RSS feed, links to social media profile, placing holiday offers, banners and so on.

wisestamp email signature

But it is all about using any tool strategically. Look at the screenshot above of my email signature. I am offering some sort of giveaway “Get access to free resource library for bloggers and entrepreneurs.” By the way, if you want access to my free resource library just subscribe using the form below.

Use this tool and design your own smart and optimized email signatures to drive traffic and email subscribers.

Price: Basic version is free to use. $4 per month ($48 per year) can remove branding and unlock all the pro features. Click here to get Wisestamp.

8. BoardBooster

BoardBooster is a Pinterest scheduling tool. Amazing tool to grow your Pinterest account. Pinterest is one of the major social media platforms that works like a visual search engine.

BoardBooster helps you schedule pins for weeks in advance and keep your account active without any daily chores. Ultimately, your business benefits from more traffic and more email subscribers.

boardbooster schedular

Some other features of this tool include board performance analytics, followers growth report, and integration with Excel. This tool is MUST if you want to growth hack your blog using Pinterest. Simple equation: get more traffic and email subscribers using Pinterest and BoardBooster.

Price: 100 pins can be scheduled with a free trial and then it is a Penny per Pin. Their paid plans start from as little as $5/month. Click here to try BoardBooster for free.

9. Sniply

This tool is a game changer. This is a tool that actually drive the traffic back to your site when you share someone else’s site or blog post.

Let’s say you shared someone else’s content that is related to your theme or niche on any of the social media platforms with your audience; using this tool you drive the traffic back to your site. Without this tool, you shared the content and it is all gone like a fart in the air.

The tool itself is easy to use and it works like a call to action button on the site. If you are listing the tools to growth hack a blog then do add this tool to your list, it is going to change the game.

Price: Up to 1000 clicks is Free to use. $29 per month is their basic paid plan that gives you 5000 clicks per month with some other cool features. Click here to get Sniply tool.

10. Typeform

The success of any blog or business is the strong foundation and the audience research is the key to that success.

If you understand your audience needs and give them what they want, it is highly likely that they will buy the products you have to offer. And in order to understand those needs, you have to do audience survey and Typeform can help you do that literally in minutes.

Typeform is an interactive data collection tool with some amazing features. Using Typeform you can easily survey your audience on what they want to read more about on your blog, thus, you can produce more blog posts related to those topics.

One of the easiest ways to growth hack your blog is to “Ask Your Audience” and tools like Typeform do just that for you.

Price: Basic version is free to use. Pro version is $41 per month. Click here to get Typeform

[cta id=”1323″ vid=”0″] 11. Optinmonster

This tool is in the list of my tools to growth hack a blog because whether you are building an email list from scratch or growing your existing email list, you need a powerful lead generation tool. This tool is a paid email collection tool but it is worth the investment.

One unique feature this tool has to offer is that it makes a big difference and it is a Page level targeting. Instead of offering a generic opt-in offer site wide, create highly targeted offers for specific pages. Using this feature you can show an email opt-in form/pop up to your reader with an offer related to that particular page rather than generic offer

Isn’t that cool? Showing an email collection form at the right time with right offer will increase your email collection conversion rate and will ultimately increase your email sign ups.

Price: $49 per year. Click here to get Optinmonster.

12. Canva

Canva is free, easy to use graphic design tool. Canva allows you to create beautiful blog images, social media posts, infographics, cover photos, posters and a whole lot of other things. This tool is a gift to bloggers, entrepreneurs and marketers. The brightest side of this tool is that you don’t need to be an experienced graphic designer or have any technical expertise when creating any graphic designs in Canva. It is a drag and drop tool.


This tool is on the list of my tools to growth hack a blog because visual marketing plays a big role in your blog growth and success. You do need traffic, email sign ups and quality content but you also need attractive designer images for your blog, social media post images and designer graphics when you have to promote your blog online. Canva helps you design your graphics in a very short time without you scratching your head.

canva design

Canva helps you boost your visual marketing effort. The boost that will kick your blog growth.

Price: Free to use. Click here to get Canva

13. Buffer

Social media has always played a big role in growing your blog audience and if your social media strategy gets some touch of automation or social media scheduling tools then blog growth becomes faster.

Here is the deal; grow your blog using Twitter because it is one of the best social media platforms to drive immediate traffic to your blog. According to Moz, the average tweet life is 18 minutes so to keep continuing the flow of traffic, you need to tweet a lot of tweets and that also at the optimal time. It is not possible to tweet such a volume of tweets manually and that is when social media scheduling software come into a picture.

buffer scheduling tool

Buffer is a superb scheduling tool for Twitter and other social media platforms. It helps you to schedule the tweets in advance and at an optimal time. The platform offers chrome extension that makes very easy to tweet or schedule the blog post from all over the internet literally in seconds.

Buffer platform is super flexible and user experience is very smooth and sharp. Easy to use and user-friendly.

Price: Free to use for scheduling up to 10 tweets, paid plan starts from $10 per month. Click here to use Buffer.

14. Outbrain

Get some paid traffic but relevant, cheap and engaged. Have you ever noticed the recommended articles at the end of the articles on the authority and media sites such as CNN, Fast company, Time etc? those are ads displayed through platforms such as Outbrain.

recommended post on CNN

Outbrain offers you relevant, cheap and engaged traffic. You can get your articles displayed on authority and media sites in the form of recommended article which gets you the traffic.

This model is pay per click model. More you pay, more traffic you get. This tool is included on the list of tools to growth hack a blog because it is one the cheapest way to get the paid traffic unlike Google Adwords and other pay per click platforms.

Price: Pay per click, you need to spend minimum $10. Click here to start ads with Outbrain.

15. BuzzSumo

When your content strategy is planned in the right way using strategic approach then it is a different ball game. How about if platforms tell you the top performing articles in your niche or top performing articles of your competitors?

Why you need this information?

When you know what topics and types of articles are hot and getting more traffic in your niche or to your competitors then you can prepare and write your blog posts on similar topics. This information is called content intelligence. It is when a tool BuzzSumo comes into the picture and does exactly the same thing.

BuzzSumo helps you find the top performing articles or popular topics/articles in your niche or of your competitors.

buzzsumo showing social shares

This tool shows you the social shares of any article. As you can see from the screenshot above, it shows how popular the article was on different social media platforms.

It is one of the best ways to research your blog post topics and plan your content strategy. This way you can grow your blog faster and that is why this tool is on the list of tools to growth hack a blog.

Price: Free to use, to unlock other pro and paid features – paid plans starts from $99 per month. Click here to get BuzzSumo

Conclusion: Growing your blog faster is not as difficult as you might think, especially if you are using the right tools to growth hack a blog. There are many blogging, business and marketing tools out there and it can become overwhelming; But picking the right tools, using your creativity and strategic approach is the path to growing your blog faster and achieving that sustainable growth.

What tools are you using to growth hack your blog?

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