Case Study


Online marketplace for foodies to book a private chef.

Business Type: Double-sided marketplace.


ChefXChange had launched their product, but was struggling to drive enough traffic to their website. Their blog section saw approx. 60 unique visitors per day and in total they reached up to 4,000 unique visitors for the website per month. They needed a lot more customers to be able to grow and wanted to focus on paid ads campaign and organic acquisition.

What We Did:

GrowthRabbit set up several funnels to acquire new customers and retarget previous website visitors/ existing users. This was done using a multi-channel approach, including Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and E-mail. All sequences were set up in such way to automate most processes. Due to budget constraints, their blog has been extended to show more engaging and more frequent content to potential new customers. As a result of this highly organic growth, acquisition cost reduced dramatically while revenue and conversion rates increased.


91% increase in revenue, acquisition cost reduced by 93%, top of the funnel traffic increase by 42%.