7 Marketing Tools You Need to Be Using To Beat Your Competitors

Studying your competitors is one great way to improving your marketing strategy. We’re not just talking about any competitor –were referring to your top, always-right-behind-you competitor who’s always yielding strong returns from their marketing efforts.

The reason competitive research is so important is because you don’t want to waste your time and money trying out new strategies when there’s already a case study that proves a certain strategy works. And once you learn what makes them tick, you can also focus on what makes you different.

You can enjoy the same success as your competitors and possibly even surpass them by using these 7 marketing tools:

7 Marketing Tools You Need to Be Using To Beat Your Competitors

7 Marketing Tools You Need to Be Using To Beat Your Competitors

1. SpyFu – Learn which profitable keywords your competitors are targeting

spyfuImage courtesy of SpyFu

If you’re not getting enough returns from your ad and content marketing campaigns, you could simply be using the wrong keywords.

You can change that by using a tool called SpyFu which helps you to identify profitable paid and organic keywords that your top competitors are using. By knowing what keywords are working, you can optimize your paid and organic search campaigns accordingly.

When using the tool, you just need to enter your competitor’s URL and SpyFu will reveal to you the list of organic and paid keywords they are using. Keywords can be organized by average search volume, cost-per-click, and average position.

Apply the insights you have learned from using this tool and watch your paid and organic search rankings rise.

2. SEMRush – Analyze your competitor’s strategy

Another marketer favourite is the SEMRush tool. This tool lets you spy on your competitors in real-time so you see what strategy they are implementing at the moment.

The Domain vs. Domain feature allows you to see data from two domains side by side and compare performance in terms of organic and paid search traffic. Have more than one competitor? SEMRush lets you compare up to five domains in one go.

You can then see what common keywords your competitors are using. You can even view each site’s ranking in search for each keyword. You’ll be surprised to find competitive keywords which you may not have thought of before.

With this information, you can then optimize your site and ads so you can enjoy high traffic as your competitors are.

3. Drip – Provide better customer service

dripImage courtesy of Drip

It’s cheaper and easier to keep customers than to acquire new ones so part of your marketing strategy should be to take care of your existing customers. If neglected, they might just go to another competitor who can better answer their needs and expectations.

You can prevent that from happening by using a tool like Drip. Drip improves your customer service as it lets you send specific messages when triggered by a specific event.

You can also set-up drip campaigns and broadcasts so your customers receive them at the right moment. Once you map out your customer’s journey, you can customize messages and set them up so they are automatically sent at appropriate times.

Want to further optimize your email marketing strategy? Drip has a Split Testing feature which allows you to test your subject lines and send times so you know what copy and sending schedule your subscribers respond to best.

4. Quantcast – Understand your audiences better


Image courtesy of Quantcast

Quantcast lets you get to know your audiences better through insights like demographics, lifestyle, interests, and behaviour. You can then compare this data against your competitor’s data by using the Compare Site feature. This way, you’ll know which new and unexpected audiences you should be targeting. You can also use this information to optimize your existing marketing plan.

5. MOAT – Spy on your competitor’s display ad campaign strategy

moatImage courtesy of MOAT

MOAT lets you have a peek of the display ads your competitors are using and where they are displaying them. This free ad search tool gives you details about the ad such as the platform it appears on (desktop or mobile), the dimensions, and the date it became active.

MOAT only shows results for fairly well-known brands so try looking up bigger brands that are in your niche. This gives you a good idea of what you want your display ads to look like.

6. Fanpage Karma – See how your competitor’s social media performance

Fanpage Karma lets you see your competitor’s performance across various social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. Google +, YouTube, and Pinterest.

Some important metrics you can view using this tool include post length, frequency, schedules, content type, success, and growth. Get the paid plan and you’ll have access to more insights like Facebook post ad value, fan activity graph, mentions, and more.

Fanpage Karma’s has a very easy-to-use interface which allows you to compare your social network data against your competitor’s. In one quick glance, you’ll know your site’s strength and weaknesses and optimize your social media strategy accordingly.

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7. Ninja Outreach – Tie it all together

Ninja Outreach combines a number of the features available within the tools above for a complete picture of what your competitors are up to –and where to enlist support from influencers in your niche to assist in your Marketing Battle Royale.

Identify top performing content in your niche, learn the who’s who of relevant influencers, and automate your blogger outreach all with this crafty marketing tool. You can view a complete list of Ninja Outreach’s features here.

In Summary

Competitor analysis doesn’t have to be a complicated animal. New competitor analysis tools are hitting the market every year, and we think it’s safe to say these selections will be growing in popularity well into 2018.

Are there other competitor analysis tools you’d like to recommend? Let us know in the comments.

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